OVI Kennels is COMPLETELY AGAINST fighting or cruelty of animals.
Our bullys for sale also known as American Bullys for sale are not sold for any illegal activities!
All of our exotic micro bullys for sale have UKC & ABKC papers and are up to date on shots.
We exercise our American Bullys by running & playing with them.
We do not have game bred style pitbulls for sale only bully style puppies for sale.
We only have American bullys  for sale with great temperament.
We don't breed for color but for structure and size.
Our American Bully Kennel is located near Chicago, IL USA.
We feed our bullys Blue Buffalo Wilderness mixed with EVO then lightly misted with coconut oil finally sliced
flaxseed sprinkled on top and then we mix it up and serve it and the bullies love it!
We also supplement raw chicken & beef into there diet
All of our American Bullys are DNA-P or DNA-VIP & microchipped
We breed only top quality bully exotic American Bullys with large heads, wide chests, thick body, huge knuckle paws, big
bones, nice conformation, straight backs & fronts, great drive, and wonderful temperament. Our American Bullys have
great personalities and love to interact with our children. We have toddlers that interact with the dogs everyday. The bullies
we breed are not aggressive. We
do not believe in breeding the game bred style pitbulls due to the abuse that the game
bred pitbull has undergone. We are trying to reform the image because an animal is not just an object it is a life and should
be treated like one. We believe the future to having a respectable breed again is through education & proper breeding of
the bully breed more towards the American Bully style.

OVI Kennels members have been dealing with animals our entire lives. Our whole family owned animals since they were
kids and we all grew up with them. We love all animals as whole but have a passion for bullys. You can ensure that when
you purchase a bully puppy or adult bully from OVI Kennels that it is strong & healthy. We do accept yard visits to see our
pitbulls for sale before you purchase, but by appointment only and proper identification. All trespassers and uninvited
guests will be handled accordingly. We do accept down payments on all our bullys for sale. All down payments on our
American Bullies for sale are non-refundable but may be transferred to another litter.

Our American Bullys for sale are not cheap because quality costs and we have invested alot of time and money into our
breeding program. If you cannot afford a dog from OVI Kennels we encourage you to visit your local shelter to acquire a
one. We breed to better the bullies image because we breed only well tempered dogs.
Purchase an American Bully from OVI Kennels and it will be lifetime friend!
American Bullys for sale and Micro Exotic American bullies for sale
OVI Kennels®  has high quality micro exotic bully style dogs also known as American Bullys for sale.

OVI Kennels® is dedicated to producing the finest quality Micro Exotic American
Bullys for sale also known as American Bullies. All of our bullies for sale are  
known as American Bullys. Micro Exotic American Bullys is the ideal type of dog
we wish to produce here at OVI Kennels. American Bullys have broader chests,
blockier heads, thicker bone, massive rears, more compact bodies, shorter legs
and most important a better temperament and less prey drive than standard
pitbulls. Our American Bullys for sale also known as American Bullies are
registered with the UKC & ABKC. Our American Bullys bloodlines consist of
mainly Gottiline, TOADLINE, & Razors Edge. We specialize in micro exotic bully
style pitbulls but do offer other colors as well, we do not breed for color but rather
size and structure. Our main goal is to take away the negative stereotypes that
bully breeds tend to have and make the breeds image a positive one, this is why
we are breeding the American Bully and not the standard pitbull. We only breed
high quality micro exotic American Bullys with good temperaments. We do not
breed standard style pitbulls. We only breed short & thick micro exotic bully style
pitbulls known as American Bullys. OVI Kennels prefers the micro exotic American
Bully Style over the standard pitbull style due to the lack of prey drive that the
American Bully carries, prey-drive is a trait we do not wish to breed into American
Bullys. We do wish to breed some drive into our bullies to keep them active but not
prey drive. We breed our American Bullys to be the most loving and joy bringing
pet that you can own. We do breed our American Bullys to be the best around but
not every American Bully puppy for sale produced is worthy of breeding and this
is why some puppies for sale will be priced lower than others. Our dogs are priced
on many factors, time, money spent, exclusiveness, pedigree, size and structure,
and overall definition of the micro exotic American Bully.

All of our American Bullys for sale or Micro Exotic American Bullies for sale  come
current on shots, dewormed, UKC & ABKC registry papers,
1 year health guarantee, and puppy contract.

We screen all of our clients before sale and we reserve the right to refuse sale.
Exotic Micro American Bullys for sale in Chicago, Illinois.
Midwest American Bully Kennel

OVI Kennels is dedicated to James "BOO" Bray a.k.a OVI missed but not forgotten.


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